Bulk SMS which is used for marketing is called Promotional SMS. Promotional bulk sms is one of the cheapest marketing solution. You can spred your band, product or any offer within a second in a single click. You can send your clients new offers, new products or any events right away. SMS Marketing used for Brand Promotion, Offers, Product Marketing, Ganaral Awareness, Event Publicity, Wishes like Happy Birthday, Happy Raksha Bandhan, Sales Followup.

Promotional Bulk SMS Features:
Sender id- Alphabetic/Numeric
Contact management
Quick reports
Send SMS in Marathi, Hindi, English and other regional languages as well
Schedule SMS for future
Instant delivery
Time limitation : 9 AM to 9 PM
No delivery on DND numbers. No Chrage for DND numbers.
Validity Unlimited
We will provide Option Service Also (Availabe Rout : Transaction SMS / Promotion SMS) Validity ( Unlimited )
Bulk SMS Quantity / Slab Rate Amount Validity Buy Now
5,000 14 Paisa 700 Unlimited Pay Now
10,000 12 Paisa 1,200 Unlimited Pay Now
25,000 10 Paisa 2,500 Unlimited Pay Now
50,000 8 Paisa 4,000 Unlimited Pay Now
1,00,000 6 Paisa 6,000 Unlimited Pay Now
55,00,000 6.5 Paisa 32,500 Unlimited Pay Now
10,00,000 5 Paisa 50,000 Unlimited Pay Now
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