Transactional SMS SOLUTIONS
Orbitweb offers transactional sms service for sending sms to do not disturb number and do not call nos of clients and customers. You may use this low cost transactional sms to send sms for marks, model, price, date, amount, place, time, quantity, courier no, invoice mo.,contact person, patent name, student name, class, grade, percentage, holiday, etc. You can send all your critical sms messages through transactional sms services from Orbitweb with high priority fast delivery gateway. Some of the applications for template sms are as follows:

1. School transactional sms
2. Stock tips through transactional sms
3. Daily price information by transactional sms
4. Invoice detail via transactional sms
5. Transaction sms for courier details sms
6. Transactional sms for outstanding, courier delivery sms transactional, etc

Special Features of transactional sms

A. You can send transactional sms without templates too
B. Transaction sms can be delivered 24x7 with sender ID to Dnd Nos. and Do Not Call disturb numbers
C. Fast and instant transactional sms at low cost.
We will provide Option Service Also (Availabe Rout : Transaction SMS / Promotion SMS) Validity ( Unlimited )
Bulk SMS Quantity / Slab Rate Amount Validity Buy Now
5,000 18 Paisa 900 Unlimited Pay Now
10,000 16 Paisa 1,600 Unlimited Pay Now
25,000 14 Paisa 3,500 Unlimited Pay Now
50,000 12 Paisa 6,000 Unlimited Pay Now
1,00,000 10 Paisa 10,000 Unlimited Pay Now
5,00,000 9 Paisa 45,000 Unlimited Pay Now
For more quantity SMS please feel free yourself to contact us @ +91 8860880275 or mail at-

SMS to DND Numbers-

How can we help you for Delivery of SMS to DND(Do Not Disturb) numbers?

We are introducing a complete solution for you:
Opt in – You can send all SMS to your Opt in customers with your brand as sender ID.

Process :

  • Take a new account from us.
  • Get the sender ID approved.
  • Ask your subscribers to SMS- START “SENDER ID” to 886 368 xxxx to opt in or SMS – STOP “SENDER ID” to 886 275 xxxx to opt out.
  • Those who send this are automatically approved in your account & you can send them any SMS without any pre approval.